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KUB After Bite Herbal Stick

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KUB After Bite Herbal Stick

Introducing the KUB After Bite Herbal Stick – your go-to solution for immediate soothing relief from insect bites and irritations. Crafted with precision using GATTEFOSSE Raw Materials sourced from Lyon, France, this herbal stick boasts a powerful blend of natural ingredients to ensure a soothing and effective experience.


Key Features:

  1. Premium Ingredients: Infused with high-quality ingredients, including Lithospermum Extract, Lavender Oil, Bisabolol, and Grapeseed Oil sourced from GATTEFOSSE Raw Materials in Lyon, France.
  2. USDA Organic Certification: Rest easy knowing that this herbal stick is USDA Organic Certified, providing you with a natural and safe solution for your little one’s skin.
  3. Proven Efficacy: Rigorously tested for efficacy, our After Bite Herbal Stick delivers instant relief, proving its effectiveness through thorough testing.
  4. Six Core Ingredients: Unleash the natural protective power of six core ingredients, ensuring your baby’s delicate skin is well-cared-for.
  5. Dual Action Formula: The combination of Peppermint and Bisabolol offers dual-action relief, calming the skin and providing comfort from irritation.
  6. Lithospermum Extract Power: Pure Lithospermum Extract works wonders by repelling redness, swelling, and itching, leaving your baby’s skin free from discomfort.
  7. Synergistic Lavender Oil: Lavender Oil synergizes to nourish the skin, fortifying the natural barrier and promoting overall skin health.
  8. Lightweight and Refreshing: Experience the benefits of a natural, lightweight oil that is refreshing and non-sticky on clothing, ensuring a hassle-free application.
  9. Additive-Free: Our After Bite Herbal Stick is free from additives, keeping it pure and gentle on your baby’s skin.
  10. Net Weight: Each stick contains 6g of this powerful, soothing solution, providing long-lasting relief for your little one.


Product Specifications:

  • Ingredients: GATTEFOSSE Raw Materials, Lithospermum Extract, Lavender Oil, Bisabolol, Grapeseed Oil, Peppermint.
  • Certification: USDA Organic.
  • Efficacy Testing: Proven for instant relief.
  • Core Ingredients: Six for natural protection.
  • Texture: Lightweight and non-sticky.
  • Additives: Free from additives.
  • Net Weight: 6g per stick.


Choose the KUB After Bite Herbal Stick for a natural and effective way to soothe your baby’s skin after insect bites and let them enjoy the freedom of outdoor play without worries.


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