KUB Ppsu Straw Cup With Handle (240Ml) 2 in 1

 2,005 (price_including_tax)

Let the Kub Sippy Cup with Straw become your baby’s best companion while he or she transitions from feeding bottles to cups. Light and durable, this sippy cup is perfect for when you’re all out and about on a family outing. Plus, its lightweight also means that it’s easy enough for your little one to hold. Its two cute handles also help your baby’s grasp. Meanwhile, its durability means that the sippy cup can withstand any accidental drop effortlessly. Throw it into the nappy bag and don’t worry about leaks as the sippy cup is leak-proof.

1. Follow the baby’s oral development characteristics, three-point design, a transitional water cup that is more suitable for small-month-old babies
2. V-shaped fan-shaped water outlet, intelligent speed control to prevent throat choking
3. One-way air inlet, automatic balance of internal and external air pressure, no resistance to water absorption

Brand: KUB
Product name: Double lid water cup
Capacity: 240ML
Applicable: 3 months – 4 years old baby




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