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KUB Tritan Straw Bottle With Belt(300Ml)


Our bottle helps babies wean from the nipple and learn to sip and drink. Suitable for babies 6 months to 4 years, the perfect transition straw sippy cup. Why we love it Innovative three-point design adapted to babies and allows them to suck more freely and easily through the straw. High transparency tritan, PPSU and silicone material, BPA free, safe and non-toxic. Promotes healthy oral development. V-shaped outlet and smooth “fan-shaped” water flow, babies are able to control the outflow of water according to their suction force. Ergonomic design with a gravity ball, babies can sit or lie down and drink in all postures. Comfortable TPE sliding cover. Removable pieces can be washed separately and cleaned thoroughly. Resistant to falls and high temperatures.





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