Baby Care


KUB Baby Bath Towel

 2,390 (price_including_tax)

KUB Baby Body Cream Lotion 180ml

 780 (price_including_tax)

KUB Baby Hair Washing Deck

 4,630 (price_including_tax)

KUB Baby Oral Cleaner

 760 (price_including_tax)

KUB Baby Shampoo and Shower Foam 300ml

 770 (price_including_tax)

KUB Baby Water Wipes 80 pcs

 384 1,152 (price_including_tax)

KUB Detergent Pod

 1,340 (price_including_tax)

KUB Dry Cotton Tissue 100 Pcs

 350 (price_including_tax)

KUB Electric Grinder Cat Paw

 1,860 (price_including_tax)

KUB Infant Toothbrush set with cup

 420 (price_including_tax)

KUB Laundry bag

 725 (price_including_tax)

KUB Laundry Soap

 150 (price_including_tax)

KUB Mousse Toothpaste

 550 (price_including_tax)

KUB Natural Toothpaste

 370 (price_including_tax)

KUB New Born Mulberry Silk Diaper

 2,490 (price_including_tax)

KUB Pant Style BB Diaper – Large

 2,335 (price_including_tax)

KUB Pant Style BB Diaper – XL

 2,335 (price_including_tax)

KUB Pant Style BB Diaper – XXL

 2,335 (price_including_tax)

KUB Pocket Water Wipes (20pc)

 100 (price_including_tax)

KUB Silicone Finger Toothbrush 2Pcs

 450 (price_including_tax)

KUB Toothbrush Cup

 424 (price_including_tax)

KUB U Shaped Electric Toothbrush

 2,680 (price_including_tax)

KUB ultra thin cotton swab

 280 (price_including_tax)