KUB Silicone plate

 2,150 (price_including_tax)

KUB 3 in 1 Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

 12,300 (price_including_tax)

KUB Anti bacterial Cutting Board

 675 (price_including_tax)

KUB Baby Dinosaur Plate with Lid

 1,420 (price_including_tax)

KUB Baby Jojo Chair

 4,480 (price_including_tax)

KUB Baby Water Wipes 80 pcs

 384 1,152 (price_including_tax)

Kub Bowl set

 990 (price_including_tax)

KUB Breast Pump Manual

 1,180 (price_including_tax)

KUB Cat Sausage Mould

 1,695 (price_including_tax)

KUB Cereal spoon

 1,185 (price_including_tax)

KUB Clean series Bottle Brush

 340 (price_including_tax)

KUB Colorful Straw Bottle (480Ml)

 2,470 (price_including_tax)

KUB Disposable Bib Set (20Pcs/Box)

 1,180 (price_including_tax)

KUB Double Cover Vacuum Bottle

 2,920 (price_including_tax)

KUB Dry Cotton Tissue 100 Pcs

 350 (price_including_tax)

KUB Electric Breast Pump

 11,400 (price_including_tax)

KUB Elephant Teether-Nano silver

 685 (price_including_tax)

KUB Feeding Set

 4,400 (price_including_tax)

KUB Foldable Silicone Bib

 1,150 (price_including_tax)

KUB Food Thermos

 2,870 (price_including_tax)

KUB Fruit Feeder Set

 970 (price_including_tax)

KUB Giraffe Teether with container

 685 (price_including_tax)

KUB Grinding Bowl Set (7Pcs/Set)

 2,480 (price_including_tax)

KUB Ice Cream Teether

 480 (price_including_tax)

KUB Milk Bottle Clamp

 610 (price_including_tax)

KUB Milk Cup

 1,605 (price_including_tax)

KUB Milk Storage Bag ( 50 pcs)

 1,880 (price_including_tax)

KUB Mousse Toothpaste

 550 (price_including_tax)

KUB Multifunctional bottle brush set

 930 (price_including_tax)

KUB Multifunctional Combination High Chair

 18,880 (price_including_tax)

KUB Multifunctional milk bottle box

 2,940 (price_including_tax)

KUB Nano Silver Spoon Set

 1,120 (price_including_tax)

KUB Natural Toothpaste

 370 (price_including_tax)

KUB Pacifier chain

 285 (price_including_tax)

KUB Pacifier with cover

 485 (price_including_tax)

KUB Penguin Fork and Spoon set

 860 (price_including_tax)

KUB Penguin vacuum bowl

 1,630 (price_including_tax)