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KUB Baby Hair Washing Deck

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Designed for washing your hair in a comfortable and convenient manner. Our portable washbasin has a wide neck opening, which brings a high level of comfort, excellent head, and neck support, which is convenient and beautiful. Moulded from high-grade material to avoid chipping even through prolonged usage.

Why We Love It?

  • *Ensures the stability and safety during the kids.
    *Made from quality material for added comfort.
    *Scrub-resistance and can be used repeatedly.
  • A shampoo chair recliner that can be hung on the wall can adjust the angle as the baby grows, which is reasonable and comfortable, and reserves space for growth. Neck pillow + head drag, make baby wash more comfortable, high angle is more comfortable. Low angle is safer, increase angle. Comfortable shampoo time without getting wet.
    Soft and elastic material, head and neck pillow design, increase angle, waterproof leakage.


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