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KUB Baby Mattress


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The result of more than 10 years of research and development, the küb Coconut Palm Mattress is the ultimate mattress for your baby. Made from environmentally friendly and safe coconut palm core, the material offers a solid and sturdy form. Plus, the natural fiber is washable and breathable. So, you can be assured that it provides protection against harmful elements such as dust, oil, moisture, bugs, and mildew. On top of that, the top layer has a zipper for easy removal to make wash day a little more convenient and a little faster. Let the küb Coconut Palm Mattress protect your baby’s back and spine and be his or her safe space when it is time for sleep or nap.


Product Feature: Removable and washable Environmentally friendly Breathable

Product Specification

Inner material: 3E Coconut Fiber core + 3D Material + Latex Mattress

Size: 120*65

1. Scientific support for bones, 0-5 years old spine protection is just right
2. If the mattress is too soft, it will cause the spine to bend. Each KUB mattress is composed of 20% soft elastic layer + 80% coconut palm support layer. The golden ratio creates scientific spine protection.
3. Different materials are used on both sides, soft and hard can be adjusted according to your heart, one side is comfortable and soft, and the other side protects the ridge, which is easy to use in all seasons.

Product name baby mattress Teen Mattress Fully washable mattress
Suitable age 0-3 years old over 3 years old 0-3 years old
Material Imported coconut palm
(load bearing ≤ 30kg)
thai latex Imported coconut palm
(load bearing ≥ 30kg)
thai latex BreathableFull Body Washable
Applicable scene Crib Cribs, Children’s Beds
bunk bed, adult bed
Tatami, etc. Cribs, Children’s Beds


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