KUB Baby Walker


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  • The KUB Interactive Baby Push Walker supports brain and motor skill development while also entertaining your baby or toddler while they practice walking. The walker boasts a top quality and sturdy design with superior materials. The Interactive Baby Push Walker has a removable play panel for stimulating brain development and sensory learning play with lights, music, and sound effects, to keep babies from 6 months to 3 years engaged and happy.Develop your child’s gross motor skills in a fun and playful way. Stimulate and engage your child’s senses with rhythmic music and mesmerizing lights. Unique triangular design for added stability. The entertainment play panel is removable for extended play options and fine motor skills development. Wheels lock for controlled movement on hard surfaces or carpeted floors.Why we love it?Designed to ensure safety: This baby activity walker from KUB has been designed to ensure utmost safety for your little one. All your baby need to do is hold the handles, stand up and walk. As he begins to walk, the walker produces a delightful melody, which ceases to play whenever he stops walking.Encourages your baby to walk: The playful music produced by this walker encourages your baby to take his first steps. Whenever he stops, the music stops too, which encourages him to walk a few more steps so that he can enjoy the music. Moreover, the attractive and colourful design of this walker is sure to grab the attention of your baby and ensure he wants to play with this for hours.

    Fun and safe: This activity walker is a visual treat for your little one. Suitable for children 9 months of age, this baby walker comes with many lights, games and sound effects that make walking a fun activity for your little one. When your baby walks and the music starts, this develops your child’s motor and cognitive skills. It has been made carefully keeping the safety of your baby in mind. It does not have rough edges and sharp points. As such, you are likely to see your baby’s face light up with happiness when he plays with this activity walker.

    Perfect Baby Walker for Your Little One: Help your children stand up and learn to take their first steps with the KUB baby activity walker. Featuring an attractive and colourful design, this baby walker is sure to capture the attention of your children and encourage them to walk. With the KUB push walker, you need not have to worry about accidental falls and injuries. Suitable for children above 9 months of age, this baby activity walker is a must-have walking tool for all children. The activity centre of this baby walker that includes several lights, games and fun-filled sound effects is sure to keep your little one engaged for long hours.

    Completely Safe Walker for Kids: The KUB baby step activity walker allows your baby to learn to walk with complete safety. All your little one has to do is hold the toy, stand up and begin to walk. As your baby starts walking, the KUB activity baby walker plays a fun tune. The music stops playing as soon as your baby stops walking. This encourages your little one to take a few more steps while enjoying listening to the playful music. Designed to develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills, this baby  walker is perfect for your growing baby.



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