KUB Electric Swing Bed


Redefining your parenting experience with the newly upgraded version of KUB electric intelligent swing bed with new LED panel. Scientifically ergonomic designed for your baby with 27 degree and comfortable depth to protect baby’s spine. Imitating the angular design of mom’s cuddle for maximum comfort Product Feature: 5-speed swing & timer setting Smart LED touch screen panel Bluetooth connection for music playing Easy detachable and assemble Remote control Made from aviation grade aluminum alloy material Detachable mosquito net and doll Five-point seat belt.

No assembly required.

360° protection.

Silent opening: opens and closes noiselessly with one hand.

High stability: the skeleton of the mosquito net is perfectly designed to maintain stability and securely provide maximum.

1/2 parasol: protects the baby from the sun and wind.

Class A quality: odorless, fluorescent-free, and skin-friendly.

Reinforced honeycomb mesh.

0.04in (1mm) diameter hexagonal grid keeps mosquitoes at bay.




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