KUB jigsaw puzzle 4 set

 1,920 (price_including_tax)

KUB  jigsaw puzzle advanced puzzle comes in a set of 4 with different themes to choose from.

Why We Love It ?

Learning while having fun:  Kids love puzzles! They’re fun, brain boosting, stimulating and they’ll learn while playing! Not only it engaged playtime for kids, but also helps practice problem-solving and spatial reasoning as they work to complete the puzzle.

  • Family time: While playing and learning, enjoy the joy of family togetherness. Spend more time  accompanying your kids and don’t miss growing time with them. Let your kids create colorful dreams for their childhood.
  • Safety: All of the corners of these puzzles for kids are well processed, no sharp corners, which is safe for the young kids.
  • Problem-solving skills: Jigsaw puzzles require kids to use problem-solving skills to figure out how the pieces fit together. This helps improve their cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills.
  • Hand-eye coordination: Manipulating puzzle pieces and fitting them together requires hand-eye coordination, which is important for many activities.
  • Patience and persistence: Completing a jigsaw puzzle requires patience and persistence, which are important life skills. Kids learn that if they keep working at something, they can eventually accomplish their goals.
  • Spatial awareness: Putting together a puzzle involves understanding how different pieces fit together in a three-dimensional space, which can improve spatial awareness.
  • Sense of accomplishment: Finishing a jigsaw puzzle gives kids a sense of accomplishment and boosts their confidence, which can encourage them to take on new challenges.
  • It comes with an activity sticker booklet.




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