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KUB Laundry bag


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KUB Laundry bag is for machine washing, protect your delicate clothes, prevent your clothes being entangled, deformed, scratched and dyed, keep them like new; wash and clean your clothes in a more complete way; can be used as travel or daily-use bag; durable and doesn’t tear.

Why we love it?
1. Soft fine polyester mesh, make the water flow smaller, avoid your clothes being entangled
2. Regular grid design, increase water permeability, make water flow more smoothly, wash and clean in a complete way
3. Thick outer mesh+ thin inner mesh, a sponge layer in the middle, anti-broken and durable
4. Smart zipper puller cover+elastic protective strip, keep the laundry bags stay closed during wash cycle, effectively avoid the mental zipper scratching your clothes
5. Multifunctional bag, can be used as laundry bags, travel or daily-use storage bags

Material : Polyester
Weight : 130g
Size: 46*60cm


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