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KUB Magnetic Blocks With Container

Suitable for children aged 3+ the magnetic blocks improve intelligence and imagination, are drop-proof, easy to transport, easy to use, promote creativity and resistant to deformation. With step-by-step learning your child can create impressive structures independently.


Cutting-edge ultrasonic magnet welding technology eliminates the need for screws or glue, protecting the baby from swallowing small parts. 7mm nickel-plated cylindrical magnet edge with exceptional long-lasting magnetic power is incorporated. Bright color combinations that draw children’s attention, improve their visual perception, and make play more enjoyable. There are no magnetic residues or metal powders in this product. Babies can chew and bite on odorless PC material. The magnetic blocks have a cute design that, when combined with the magnetic cards, helps children strengthen their cognitive skills. An easy-to-use storage box that helps children develop the habit of putting toys away. Simple to wash and clean, and keeps bacteria at bay.


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