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KUB Maternity Belt

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The postpartum bellyband with antibacterial design consists of elastic part and inelastic part, which hold belly and crotch to promote recovery, hold stomach and prevent it from drooping, and helps moms to from good shape again.

Why we love it ?
1. Main material: 100% cotton
2. Knitting part: 94% cotton+6% spandex
3. Brushed fabric: 100% polyester
4. Hold belly in and form shape
5. Applicable to both natural birth and cesarean birth
6. Applicable to four seasons
7. Antibacterial : AAA grade antibacterial rate
8. Elastic part + inelastic part: Hold belly without restraint, free to move
9. 3D curved three-dimensional cutting: Hold belly in and form shape
10. Four memory cartilages support back and relieve pressure, helping the recovery of spine as well as back and waist muscles
11. High-density combed cotton: Tough and fine, friction-reducing, moisture-absorption, breathable and applicable to four seasons.
12. Functions:
1). Hold stomach and prevent it from dropping.
2). Hold belly and reduce parietal tension.
3). Hold belly and promote uterine contraction and lochia expulsion.
4). Hold crotch and promote pelvis recovery



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