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KUB Milk Storage (50 bags/pc)

Why we love it?

  1. Maintain the freshness of your breast milk
  2. Undergoes sterilization through electron radiation
  3. Crafted from food-grade LDPE and PET materials
  4. Bag boasts a large 250ml capacity
  5. 50 bags per packet


Introducing KUB Milk Storage Bags – the perfect solution for busy moms who want to store breast milk safely and conveniently. With our innovative design and top-quality materials, you can trust KUB to keep your precious milk fresh and ready for your little one whenever they need it.

Key Features:

  1. Freshness Maintenance: Our milk storage bags are designed to maintain the freshness of your breast milk, ensuring that every drop is as nourishing as the day it was expressed.
  2. Sterilized Packaging: Each packet of KUB Milk Storage Bags undergoes sterilization through electron radiation, meeting stringent hygiene and safety standards for composite food packaging bags intended for infant use.
  3. Food-Grade Materials: Crafted from food-grade LDPE and PET materials, our bags are BPA-free, odorless, and hygienic, providing you with peace of mind as you store milk for your baby.
  4. Generous Capacity: Each bag boasts a large 250ml capacity, allowing you to store ample milk for your little one’s needs.
  5. Independent Outlet Design: With a small and independent outlet design, our bags prevent secondary contamination, ensuring that your stored milk remains pure and safe for consumption.
  6. Double Airtight Seal: The double airtight seal provides an extra layer of protection, keeping air out and freshness in, so you can store your milk with confidence.
  7. Thicker, Reinforced Plastic: Our bags feature thicker, reinforced plastic construction, allowing you to squeeze them without fear of leaks or tears.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 12 x 17.5 cm
  • Quantity: 50 bags per packet

With KUB Milk Storage Bags, you can confidently store and transport your breast milk, knowing that every precaution has been taken to preserve its quality and freshness for your little one. Say goodbye to worries about milk storage and hello to convenience and peace of mind with KUB.


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