KUB 360° Rotating Safety Car Seat

Why we love it?

  1. ISOFIX/latch dual interface for a straightforward installation process
  2. 360-degree rotating function, height adjustment capabilities
  3. Option for two-way installation
  4. Suitable for children from age 0-12


Key Features:

  • Engineered for Comprehensive Safety: The KUB Safety Car Seat is meticulously designed to provide unparalleled protection and comfort for your child from the very first ride up to their preschool years and beyond. By integrating advanced safety features, this car seat ensures your little one is securely surrounded by protection at every stage of their growth.
  • Effortless Installation & User-Friendly Design: With an emphasis on ease and convenience, the KUB car seat features a straightforward installation process thanks to its ISOFIX/latch dual interface. User-friendly touch points make adjustments simple, promoting a hassle-free travel experience for families on the go.
  • Versatile & Adaptive: Equipped with a 360-degree rotating function, height adjustment capabilities, and the option for two-way installation, this car seat adapts to your growing child’s needs. Whether facing forward or rearward, adjusting the seat is effortless, ensuring comfort at every age.
  • Comfort in Every Journey: The seat’s ability to adjust between sitting and lying positions guarantees that your child remains comfortable no matter the distance of the journey. This feature, combined with the car seat’s comprehensive safety design, means parents can drive with peace of mind knowing their child is in good hands.

Product Specifications:

  • Gross Weight: 13.9 kg
  • Installation: ISOFIX/latch dual interface
  • Max Load: 26-36 kg
  • Age Range: 0-12 years
  • Safety Standard: EUECE
  • Features: Rotatable, height adjustment, 360-degree rotation
  • Installation Direction: Forward and rearward facing

Whether embarking on daily commutes or longer journeys, the KUB 360° Rotating Safety Car Seat is the perfect companion for ensuring your child’s safety and comfort. Its versatile design and user-friendly features make it an essential product for families looking to navigate the adventures of parenting with ease.




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