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KUB Toddler Balance Cycle 18 Months +


KUB toddler balance cycle, also known as a balance bike or a run bike, is a bicycle designed for young children who are just learning to ride. Here are some benefits of using a toddler balance cycle:

  1. Improves balance and coordination: The toddler balance cycle helps children to develop their balance and coordination skills by allowing them to learn to balance without the need for training wheels or pedals.
  2. Builds confidence: The balance bike allows children to learn at their own pace and gain confidence as they improve their balance and riding skills.
  3. Provides exercise: Riding a balance bike is a fun way for children to get exercise and develop their physical fitness.
  4. Promotes outdoor play: Balance bikes encourage children to spend time outside, exploring and enjoying their surroundings.
  5. Prepares children for riding a traditional bike: By using a balance bike, children can develop the skills they need to transition to a traditional bike with pedals.
  6. Safer than traditional bikes: Balance bikes are generally safer than traditional bikes with training wheels, as they are lower to the ground and more stable, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Why we Love It ?

1.PU seat cushion, soft and elastic, cushioning, comfortable for baby to ride
2. TPR rubber handle, non-slip and wear-resistant
3. PP one-piece frame, one-piece molding, very light weight
4. High-density environmentally friendly tires, anti-skid and wear-resistant
5. One-piece bearing for smoother sliding
6. One-piece hub, durable and strong

Age: 18 months + to 4 years


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