KUB Anti-Fall Pillow

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Worried about your little one while he or she is learning to walk?

Anxious that your baby will hurt his or her head and shoulder when learning to run, walk, and crawl?

Be worry-free now with the Kub Animal-Shaped Baby Backpack Head Protector. This backpack effectively helps to alleviate and minimize all impact from the fall to protect your baby’s head and back.

Meanwhile, the cute protector wings are more than just for looks. They also help to absorb the force of the fall.

Made from breathable Tencel for ultimate comfort, this cute and safety-focused backpack is a must to keep your baby safe.

Product Feature:
With adjustable strap
Thick material to absorb the fall
Made from breathable Tencel

Product Specification:
Fabric: Crystal velvet + pp cotton
Suitable Age: 0-36 months
Gross Weight: 0.7kg


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