KUB Seven-Layer Gauze Saliva Towel


The Küb bib is composed of cotton to absorb liquids rapidly and has a waterproof TPU intermediate layer to prevent transfer stains on clothes.

For babies from 0 to 3 years old. New built-in waterproof layer. Absorbs liquids, stain-proof and leak-proof. The bib is versatile and has multiple uses. Quick absorption of water. Class-A quality. No more worries of stains.

Absorbent, stain-proof, and leak-proof baby bib.

Always keep your neck clean and dry.

Also soft and flexible caresses the baby’s skin gently.

No toxic or harmful substances, do not need to worry about your baby biting the bib.

Saliva towel

Petal Scarf Dino, Triangle Scarf Dino, Triangle Scarf Moon


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