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KUB 5 Tracks + 4 Cars


The unique KUB Race Track Toy comes with five tracks and four cars. The brightly-coloured set is sure to charm your little one and keep his or her attention for hours. The set will help to develop your little one’s spatial and motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and even colour recognition. And, of course, excitement and thrill, too. Made of high-quality wood and plastic, the materials are safe for use for your child. Plus, the smooth and rounded surfaces also help to ensure that playtime remains injury-free. When not in use, the cars can be stored in the ‘parking’ area to keep things neat and organized.


Product Feature: Rounded edges and angles Durable Easy storage Product Specification: Material: Beech wood, PP Age: 3 years+ Gross Weight: 1.24 KG


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