KUB Pp Food Container Set (4*150Ml)


Four 150ml (5oz) food containers that are refrigerator and microwave safe and ideal for storing and keeping food fresh. Why we love it Food-grade PP material and BPA-free. A strong airtight seal prevents water loss and delays spoilage of fruits and vegetables. Quantity measurement markings in ounces or milliliters so you know the exact amount of food your baby eats. Microwave and refrigerator safe. Withstands temperatures from -20℃ to 110℃. Screw-on cap for tightness. Easy to clean and wash. Stackable to saves space.


KUB Food Container keep nutrition, water and flavor inside Air-tight and leak proof Eco-friendly PP material and BPA Free Safe for sterilization (Steam, Boil, UV Light or Dishwasher)



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