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KUB Crown Series Feeding Bottle 3 months+ 150 ml


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KUB Crown Series Feeding Bottle:

  1. Triangular design goes back to tradition because:
    – With this design, it helps the space inside the jar to be large and better air circulation. – At the same time, if any baby sucks slowly, even if holding it for a long time, it makes the baby’s caregiver comfortable to hold and does not cause uncomfortable hand fatigue.
    – Cleaning the bottle is easy even the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Ergonomic design screw cap: there is an anchor on the body of the bottle so it is easy to tighten and does not worry about leakage
    The body of the bottle is made of high quality PPSU plastic imported from the US, this is the highest quality and safest material in the industry of making baby bottles.
  3. The nipple part of the bottle has many extremely outstanding points of this KUB bottle:
    – Design a deviated nipple, the baby does not need to raise his head to drink but in the most comfortable state, still enjoy his milk deliciously.
    – The most effective reduction of flatulence
    – The deviation design creates 1 delicate arc without blocking the baby’s nose
    – Silicone material is extremely soft, creating a comfortable feeling when eating milk
  4. One set has 3 types of caps: From 0-6 months: Nipples; From 4-12 months: Platypus knobs; and 12 months: Straw. Protect your baby’s jaw and teeth according to your development age, and as well as help your baby enjoy milk with lots of ways to drink. There are 3 types of capacity suitable for each age and milk needs for babies: 80ml, 150ml and 240ml
  5. Super lightweight, durable bottle, anti-drop, completely odorless, resistant to 180 degrees temperature so safe sterilization, free BPA is absolutely safe for babies to use
  6. The lid is sealed, not afraid of air and bacteria affecting the quality of milk during lactation for a few minutes.


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