KUB Stainless steel spoon-fork set


Self feeding is a major milestone for your little one! With Kub-Stainless steel spork mealtimes just got easier. This silverware set includes forks & spoons made with soft silicone, beaded handles that are easy to grip and use.

DESIGNED FOR YOUR TODDLER: forks & spoons to promote self feeding & help your toddler get the hang of it! The ergonomic design makes them easy to control and the fork tines pierce food effortlessly without being too sharp”A fork and spoon set suitable for babies 12 months+ to help them learn to self-feed with an easy grip designed to increase baby’s appetite and interest in food.

Why we love it?

  1. Cute ice cream designs in vibrant colors attract baby’s attention.
  2. Scientifically designed to fit a baby’s small and delicate mouth to avoid choking or excessive eating.
  3. Helps babies feed independently when they start learning to eat.
  4. Silicone handle, 316 stainless steel spoon head, more secure and durable.
  5. Arced spoon handle, more hygienic, avoids touching dirty surfaces. 2. Colorful macaron colors, the table is not monotonous, and it can be fun to eat.
  6. Scientific narrowing design, suitable for the scientific capacity of baby’s small mouth, effectively prevent choking and avoid overeating
  7. BPA free Silicone material, safe and odorless.
  8. Temperature resistance -20-200°C, support boiling, steam and ultraviolet disinfection.

Material: 316 stainless steel;silicone
Gross weight: 0.08KG
Packing Size: 20*12*1CM



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