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KUB Infant holding Mat set of 2

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Why we love it?

Premium material: In summer, it is easy to sweat when holding a baby, and the baby is prone to prickly heat and heat rash. This ice silk arm mat is made of polyester material, no fluorescent agent is added, and it is environmentally friendly and non allergenic.
Breathable and cool: Breathable honeycomb mesh structure realizes air circulation inside and outside, refreshing and breathable, non-sticky, and can hold babies in hot summer.
Hollow and effortless: Intimate hollow design, fit the contour of the arm, the arm can be bent arbitrarily, and it is more labor-saving for the mother to hold the baby.
Adjustable: The elastic adjustable straps can be adjusted to the appropriate size according to different mothers’ arms, so as to avoid the discomfort caused by the sliding of the pillow arm seat to the baby.
Easy to mount: Easy to install.Suitable for strollers, high chairs, car seats and more.


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