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KUB Lanolin Cream

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KUB Lanolin Cream

Unlock the secret to naturally healthy and happy skin with our KUB Lanolin Cream. Specially crafted with your little one in mind, this pale-yellow textured cream boasts a myriad of benefits, making it a must-have in your baby care arsenal. Here are the key features and specifications that set our Lanolin Cream apart:


Key Features:


  1. Pale Yellow Texture: The cream’s gentle, pale-yellow texture ensures a smooth and soothing application, making it a delight for both babies and parents.
  2. Naturally Non-Toxic, Highly Pure: We prioritize the purity of our ingredients. Our Lanolin Cream is naturally non-toxic and boasts a high level of purity, providing a safe solution for your baby’s delicate skin.
  3. Safe for Breastfeeding: Moms can have peace of mind as our Lanolin Cream is safe for breastfeeding. No need to wipe off before feeding – simply apply and let the natural goodness work its magic.
  4. No Need to Wash Off: Convenience meets care. There’s no need to wash off the Lanolin Cream after application, ensuring a hassle-free and effective solution for busy parents.
  5. Easy 3-Step Application:
    • Step 1: Wash hands and take a pea-sized amount.
    • Step 2: Apply to chest, buttocks, and limbs.
    • Step 3: Gently massage until absorbed.
  6. Versatile Use:
    • Diaper Rash Relief: Combat diaper rash with the soothing properties of lanolin.
    • Soothes Red Bottoms: Redness be gone – our cream provides relief for irritated skin.
    • Drool Rash Relief: Say goodbye to drool rash discomfort with our specially formulated cream.
    • For Both Babies and Family Members: Versatility for the whole family – because great skincare knows no age.
    • Disinfection for Mild Abrasions: Beyond baby care, use it to disinfect and soothe mild abrasions.

Product Specifications:


  1. Net Weight: 20g – A compact and travel-friendly size, perfect for on-the-go care.
  2. Ingredients:
    • 98% Lanolin: Harnessing the natural power of lanolin for superior skin nourishment.
    • 2% Tocopheryl Acetate: Boosted with tocopheryl acetate for added skin-loving benefits.
  3. Texture: Creamy and easily spreadable for a comfortable and gentle application.
  4. Color: Pale Yellow – A visually calming hue reflecting the natural and pure composition of the cream.
  5. Fragrance: Fragrance-free – Ideal for sensitive noses and delicate baby skin.


Choose KUB Lanolin Cream for a natural, safe, and effective solution to keep your baby’s skin smiling. Order now and let the nurturing begin!



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