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KUB Silicone plate

Why we love it?

  1. Designed to prevent spills and mess
  2. Lightweight for easy handling
  3. Suitable for use in microwaves and sterilizers
  4. Soft, neutral color to soothe and engage your baby
  5. High-Quality, BPA-Free Silicone

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Welcome to a seamless weaning journey with the KUB Silicone Plate, designed with both parents and babies in mind. Say goodbye to mealtime messes and hello to enjoyable feeding sessions. Our plate’s minimalist design not only complements your dining aesthetics but also introduces an anti-dumping feature to keep beans and small foods in place. It’s the perfect ally for parents navigating the weaning process, aiming for convenience without compromising on health or safety.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Dumping Minimalist Tray: Designed to prevent spills and mess, making mealtime a breeze.
  • Microwave and Sterilizer Safe: Offers versatility and ease of use, ensuring meals can be warmed and the plate sterilized for hygiene.
  • Perfect Size: Measuring 20×3.54cm, it’s ideally sized for all weaning tables, making it a universal fit for your baby’s feeding needs.
  • Spill-Resistant Inhaler Base: Boasts excellent adhesion to surfaces, yet is easy to lift for adults. This means fewer spills and more stable meal times.
  • Sturdy, Difficult to Flip: The robust inhaler base reduces the chance of tipping, keeping food where it belongs – on the plate, not the floor.
  • Three-Cell Partition: Offers large capacity compartments for a well-balanced, nutritious meal, keeping foods neatly separated.
  • Easy-to-Clean Monolithic Design: The non-angular, one-piece tray design simplifies cleaning, ensuring no food gets trapped in corners.
  • BPA-Free Silicone Material: Prioritizes your baby’s health and safety, ensuring a toxic-free meal environment.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: High-Quality, BPA-Free Silicone
  • Dimensions: 20cm (Diameter) x 3.54cm (Height)
  • Weight: Lightweight for easy handling
  • Capacity: 3 compartments for meal variety
  • Color: Soft, neutral color to soothe and engage your baby
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use in microwaves and sterilizers


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