KUB Disposable Bib Set (20Pcs/Box)

Why we love it?

  1. Feature an innovative food-catcher design
  2. Adorable patterns
  3. Compact and lightweight
  4. 20 disposable bibs per box
  5. Made from durable materials

 1,180 (price_including_tax)

Introducing the KUB Disposable Bib Set – your ultimate solution for mess-free feeding on the go! Designed with convenience in mind, this set of 20 disposable bibs boasts a range of features to make mealtime a breeze. Check out the key features and specifications:

Key Features:

  1. Food-Catcher: Our disposable bibs feature an innovative food-catcher design, ensuring that crumbs and spills are contained, keeping your little one clean and comfortable.
  2. Adorable Patterns: Make mealtime fun with our bibs showcasing a variety of adorable patterns. From cute animals to vibrant colors, these bibs add a touch of joy to every feeding session.
  3. Easy for Carrying: Compact and lightweight, these bibs are perfect for parents on the move. Easily stash them in your diaper bag or purse, ensuring you’re always prepared for impromptu meals.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Non-woven fabric, water-absorbing macro-molecular paper, water-impermeable polyethylene cast film.
  • Quantity: 20 disposable bibs per box.
  • Size: 35*23 cm for ample coverage.
  • Packing Size: Compact at 18*7*13 cm for easy portability.
  • Gross Weight: Lightweight at 0.25 kg, perfect for on-the-go convenience.

Experience hassle-free feeding with the KUB Disposable Bib Set – because mealtime should be about joy, not cleanup!

Disposable Bibs

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