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Kub Bowl set


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This amazing pack of three silicone bowls helps babies learn to eat independently. The bowls boast a strong suction power base that sticks to most smooth surfaces and helps avoid unwanted messes and spills.

Why we love it?
1. Six bright colors will decorate your dining table.
2. Food-grade PP material.
3. Bowls boast a strong suction base.
4. Non-slip base helps prevent burns.
5. Bowl comes with a lid to meal prep or store leftovers.
6. Molded all in one.

Temperature resistance PP-100°C, TPE-80°C
Specifications 3-piece set
Material bowl body PP, bowl cover PP, bowl bottom suction cup TPE, handle TPE
Capacity large bowl: 440ml, medium bowl: 300ml, small bowl: 180m


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