KUB Portable milk powder/ food box


The portable powder formula dispenser with two compartments and airtight sealing system separates the milk powder from the measuring spoon to reduce secondary contamination.

Why we love it?

  1. Food grade PP material: eco-friendly, odorless, BPA-free.
  2. Two compartments and airtight sealing system: more hygienic and safe, no leakage and no moisture.
  3. Separate spoon storage: separating the spoon and formula prevents secondary contamination.
  4. 150g (5.3 oz) capacity – enough to cover a day’s needs.
  5. Two-compartment design reduces contact between the milk powder and the outside environment.
  6. Double-layer sealing design inside and outside, safe storage, long-term preservation, rest assured to use
  7. Milk powder, complementary food, fruit snacks, etc. can be packed, and the box turns into a baby nutrition treasure box






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