KUB Fruit Feeder Set


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The Kub Fruit Feeder Set allows your baby to enjoy new food and a variety of tastes at a young age without any risk of choking. As its name suggests, this is great for fruits but it is also suitable for other types of food (except liquids) including vegetables, yogurt, and frozen treats. The handle is comfortable and encourages your baby to feed him or herself. Meanwhile, the feeder’s overall small size means you can easily toss it into any bag for on-the-go. The lock and clear anti-dust cover help to prevent leakage. Additionally, the silicone nipple is also great to ease gum irritation and inflammation as well as exercise mouth muscles. Perfect for when your baby is teething. Made of high-quality food-grade silicone and is FDA-verified. The feeder is also BPA, petroleum, latex, and phthalate-free.


Made of high-quality food-grade silicone and is FDA-verified Comes with a locking mechanism Comes with a standing anti-dust cover Easy to disassemble and clean




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