KUB F60 Baby Stroller


Baby strollers are a true essence for both parents and babies. For parents, they bring the ease of traveling with the baby. And for the baby, they bring comfort and security. If you are planning to go for a long walk or maybe for shopping, then you must ensure that your baby is comfortable in his pram and can stay in it for longer.

The premium baby stroller made with Russian process and space aluminum alloy material adopts embedded shock-absorption system is safe for baby to sit and lie, and its adjustable handle and seat height are convenient for parents to push.

Why we love it?
1. Not only the appearance is outstanding, but also the functions are exceptional.
2. Embedded shock-absorption system protects baby’s head
3. Smooth wheels with 2 bearings + anti right-angle V-shaped car frame: go ahead without resistance.
4. Russian process and space aluminum alloy material: It is light in weight as well as strong in load-bearing ability.
5. Easy to change the orientation of baby stroller.
6. Three levels of seat height are adjustable
7. Three levels of the handle are adjustable: waist does not get tired after pushing for a long time.
8. Waterproof sunshade: free to go in windy and rainy days, caring baby’s delicate skin
9. Wheels :27cm in width, PU material, nonslip, anti-explosion wear proof, elastic.

Material: Oxford cloth, aluminum alloy
Age: 0-36 months

Load bearing :15kg
Wheels: EVA+ Synthetic rubber wheel
Weight of frame: 13.3kg (sunshade included)
Sunshade: level one(32cm), level two (36cm)





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