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KUB Stainless Steel Plate/ Tiffin box

KUB  stainless steel plate for baby with suction is great to hold the plate and easy to release when needed. It is easy to clean stainless steel, there is never any residual smells or stains. The three sections are helpful to separate different varieties of foods and also acts as a lip for baby to scoop up food.

Why we love it?

1. The double-layer silicone ring adheres to the sides, ensures no leaks, and provides thermal insulation. Shake without fear.
2. Higher thermal conductivity and better insulation
3. Larger and more durable

Applicable age: 6 months and above
Product material : dinner plate: 316 stainless steel
lid/compartment/bottom bowl: PP
suction cup: silicone

Dimensions: 190*210*70mm


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