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KUB Leak Prevention Thermos Cup Set With Belt And Handle(280Ml)

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Description Size Chart/Specs Suitable for babies and children aged 1 -10 years. Easily change cup sections to meet the needs of your child through various development stages. The thermos avoids splashing water, maintains temperature for 24 hours and is lightweight and portable. Why we love it Airtight 316 steel container, protects against bacteria and stains and has excellent heat retention. Spin-coating technology, higher density, more volume, 180g (6.3oz) less weight. One-button opening releases interior gas once pressed, which prevents water from escaping under pressure. Fully sealed, no leaks. Removable thermos cup, easy to wash and clean. Cute and cheerful backpack design; practical and drop-proof. Three types of lids: lid with straw, lid with standard spout, removable cover.



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