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KUB Colorful Straw Bottle (480Ml)



Why we Love it?

1. Germany imported PPSU material, high-quality and lightweight, anti-broken and durable

2. Ergonomically designed Y-shape and breast-like suction nozzle, silicone material, fit well to baby’s small mouth, easy and relaxing to suck

3. Triple protection, elastic sealing ring and straw lock, prevent water leakage; safety buckle, prevent accidental opening

4. 480ml volume, meet baby’s drinking needs, quench baby’s thirsty in summer outings

5. Plant oil-based irk printing and dyeing scale, colorfast and durable

6. 150°fixed angle, no rebound, no bump against baby’s nose

7. 160g portable weight, easy to carry when going out

8. Complete disinfection by high temperatures, 180℃ temperature resistance, prevent breeding bacteria

9. No BPA, no peculiar smell, safe and secure

10. 1cm straw, easy to wash and clean, healthy and hygienic

Heat resistance: 1) Temperature range:PPSU: 180℃; Silicone: 180 ℃
Material: PPSU,Silicone

Gross weight: 0.16kgs
Packing Size: 21*8.5*8cm






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